Call Center Outsourcing Services / Call Centres

Call Center Outsourcing is gaining momentum as big multinational corporations come under increasing pressure to gain or maintain competitive advantages.

When Call Centers provide the same functionality as in-house call facilities - but at greatly reduced costs and savings, big corporations find it hard to justify retaining all call center functions in-house. They may have to follow their competitors who already outsource.

Greatest savings are being achieved when corporations are outsourcing to overseas locations. 

This is because the cost of overseas staff may be just 20 to 30% of the salaries paid to home based staff. Language is not a barrier as most modern overseas outsourcing companies already speak all relevant languages. Overseas staff are also highly educated and trained.

Companies that fail to explore outsourcing opportunities may slowly lose some of the competitive advantages they may enjoy at this moment. Companies that take active steps to investigate the options will maintain or increase their advantages.

Of course, for most companies, there are other important factors to be taken into account - the bottom line is just one consideration. After such an exercise, some corporations find that they are best off maintaining all call center operations in their homeland.

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Call Center Outsourcing Services / Call Centres