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10 Copywriting Tips ...

1. Copywriting doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, some of the best copywriting is simple and to the point.

2. What is your target audience? Step in their shoes and get inside their minds - discover what makes them "tick" - and then speak directly to them (direct mail, TV, Radio, Website, Newspaper, whatever ...).

3. Solve their concerns and provide answers to their needs.

4. Timing is of course all important.

5. Avoid copywriting that "annoys" your target audience - even BIG companies fall down on this from time to time. They spend an absolute fortune trying to win customers; but instead they turn them away with their "smart" copywriting as it simply doesn't appeal to the target customers.

6. Test, test, test. If a particular copywriting project doesn't work, don't throw more money behind it. Refine the copywriting or change it totally.

7. Change your copywriters if they don't deliver results!

8. You must know what results you wish to achieve before starting the copywriting project. Are you after increased sales? Is it more of a branding exercise? Is it a customer awareness campaign?

9. As we know, familiarity breeds contempt. For example, if you repeat the same advertisement again and again without any change, after a while it becomes counter productive. Bring freshness to your message as soon as your existing copy seems stale.

10. Don't forget that all important "Call To Action" ...  for example, "Get a free quote right now and we will help you transform your business writing and your profits ..."

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10 Copywriting Tips, Find Copywriters, Freelance Copywriters, Find Business Writers, Business Writing Tips - Corporate Writers