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Copywriting is a magical art. Excellent copywriting equals excellent results.
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Even the best copywriters write copy that fails to deliver once in a while. Smart marketers always monitor progress - does the copy generate the anticipated response?

We all know that the industry average is around 1 to 2%.

Why settle for 1 or 2% when you can get several times more?

What happens if your copy fails to meet even one half of your expectations?

You may be reluctant to make any changes. You may be attached to your carefully crafted words and designs.

If someone else created the copy, you may not wish to bother them with amendments or a total re-write.

You may not have the time and/or the budget to handle the changes even if the copy is crying out for immediate improvement.

However, all the "reasons" mentioned above are distractions - and in many cases, false economies.

Your copy must shine brightly. Does it deliver the message? Does it provide essential information - concisely and precisely? Does it appeal to the target audience? Is there a call to action? Are the benefits loud and clear? Have you created sufficient "buzz" to excite your target audience?

A good copywriter makes changes as required. An excellent ones is continually striving to deliver extra mileage with each and every word or creation. And actual performance always speaks louder than the creator.

Copywriting is a magical art - learn to enjoy it - and you will be rewarded well beyond your run-of-the-mill expectations.

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